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Hotel Security

Whether you have a large luxurious hotel, or a small family oriented motel, making your guests feel safer is important. Whether you want armed officers in uniform, or unarmed officers in plain clothes, we’ll provide you with what you need.


Guests staying at your hotel deserve to feel safer, and they will feel much safer if they know you have security services!


Big Box Store Security

If you own a big box store, one way to protect your investment is to hire security officers. We’ll protect your merchandise from getting stolen and keep your property from getting damaged. We’re available whenever you need us!

Mall Security

Malls can often be chaotic, especially during busy shopping seasons. This is when a lot of shoplifters steal merchandise. Our security officers will prevent individuals from stealing your items and keep you and your employees safe.

We can send uniformed officers and officers in plain clothing. We’ll also send them armed and unarmed. Whatever you prefer!

Give us a call today to learn more about our retail security services!


Bank Security

Since banks hold large sums of money, they’re usually the prime target for burglars. Our experienced security officers are trained in taking down armed suspects and keeping your employees and patrons safe from harm.  

Professional Retail Security Services

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